Draft Statutes for your feedback

Dear Family ADB, 

In our desire to formalize and legalese the ADB family association, we have worked on a draft Statute that we now submit for your review and comments before 20 March 2016, last deadline.

We will work to incorporate your comments as much as possible and will circulate the final version.

A general meeting will then be held to approve the by-laws and formally create the association in Côte d' Ivoire. This will also be an opportunity to elect officers of the Executive Committee according to the voting procedure described in the final statutes.

For it to work well, the association must be participatory and we rely on the good will of everyone to achieve this. This is your association, it is our association !

The following timetable is proposed for the finalization of the statutes.

  • March 7th : Sending the project status to staff members and spouses for information and comments
  • March 20th : Deadline for comments and suggestions
  • April 8th : Sending answers and the final version to staff members and spouses

Kind regards,




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